Long Lake News : August Newsletter

Hello from your Long Lake Stewardship Committee (LLSC)! Feel free to forward this newsletter to friends and neighbours.

LLS FLYER - As part of our efforts to communicate with Long Lake area residents we produced a flyer outlining our goals and Terms of Reference and providing our contact information. This was delivered by Canada Post the week of July 22. Seasonal residents without a mailbox would not have received it, therefore it is attached to this newsletter. Thank you to John Querney of Querney's Office Plus who helped enormously by printing hundreds of flyers for us!

BLUE GREEN ALGAE or Cyanobacteria is increasingly a problem throughout North America. The recent announcement by the Northern Ontario School of Medicine of a research chair focussing on health and the environment is good news for Sudbury, the City of Lakes - with 330 lakes Sudbury contains more lakes than any other municipality in Canada. The research team will develop remote sensing technology for identifying harmful waterborne microbes allowing for aerial identification of blue green algae. https://www.sudbury.com/local-news/citys-blue-green-algae-problem-being-studied-at-nosm-349620.

The Long Lake Capacity Study was undertaken partly due to the increased frequency of cyanobacteria, concluding that Long Lake exceeds the MOECC standard for phosphorous load. Long Lake is at the tipping point in maintaining a healthy water quality.

SEPTIC SYSTEMS - Aging and poorly maintained septic systems are a concern in many Ontario lakes and are one of the contributing factors toward high phosphorous levels and cyanobacteria. How can we each ensure our septic system is working well?

  • Book regular pump outs - every 2 to 5 years. Varies according to size of tank and family, number of appliances.

  • Avoid patios, decks or parking areas over your septic tile bed

  • Have an effluent filter installed to reduce amount of solids entering leaching bed, to prevent clogging

  • Avoid planting certain species of trees nearby, e.g. willows

  • Do not water your lawn around leaching bed area; extra water can reduce its ability to absorb and treat waste water

  • Do not dump toxic waste down your drain or toilet - paints, oil, gas, antifreeze, chlorine

  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products and avoid putting fats, oils or antibacterial products into your septic system

  • Inspect your system regularly

  • See more at http://foca.on.ca/septic-systems and http://vermillionriverstewards.ca/2011/14/septic-system-maintenance-by-foca/ (excellent video)

How to tell if there is a problem? In its booklet, the Richard Lake Stewardship has offered these suggestions:

  • Patches of healthy grass or vegetation or spongy ground on the drain field indicate it is full

  • Toilets and drains that gurgle indicate a blockage or full system

  • Strong outdoor odours or foul smells in the house are important warning signs

You can confidentially report a septic system that you suspect is malfunctioning by calling the Sudbury District Health Unit (SDHU).

HEALTHY SHORELINES - Take advantage of the free confidential consultations that the City of Greater Sudbury (CGS) has made available! Contact Anne Labranche to book your Shoreline Home Visit at lakewaterquality@greatersudbury.ca or phone 674-4455 Ext 4604.

The Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change (MOECC) and the CGS have established regulations to protect the health of our lakes. LLSC uses its voice to promote adherence to these regulations and to encourage diligent inspections. Do contact appropriate local or provincial authorities when undertaking construction projects.

HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY TO LILY FIELDING ! Lily has been a long time resident and supporter of the Long Lake community. She assisted the Long Lake Playground Association by funding the cement pad for its ice surface. In a particularly generous gesture in 2015, she purchased Long Lake Public School, paid for its demolition, and donated 300+ acres of land to develop Kivi Park sure to become a premier destination for nature lovers. On behalf of Long Lake Stewardship, LLSC has sent Lily birthday greetings. Lily and family invite the community to a celebration at Kivi Park 5 - 7:30 p.m. Tues Aug 16th! (Invitation attached). To follow the exciting progress of Kivi Park see its Facebook page or website. http://www.thesudburystar.com/2016/08/11/new-park-becomes-citys-largest

LLSC has successfully developed a positive relationship with the City of Greater Sudbury, several Ministries, the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance, the Watershed Advisory Panel, the Sudbury District Health Unit, and lake stewardship groups in our watershed, and has been acknowledged as the respected voice of Long Lake. LLSC welcomes financial contributions (e.g. $40) which can be mailed or e-transferred to our treasurer Mary Henderson 83 West End Rd. Lively ON P3Y 1H8 or edmar@bell.net. Note that funds sent to Stephen Butcher do NOT support Long Lake Stewardship.

Continue to follow us on Facebook or our website www.longlakestewardship.com or contact us at longlakesudbury@gmail.com. Previous newsletters can be forwarded by request. They have included AGM Minutes, a summary of the Lake Capacity Report, an update on the Gold Mine Reclamation Project, a report on Eurasian Milfoil & the Weevil Project, and bios on your nine LLS Committee members.

Happy Boating! . . . and try to avoid the milfoil as this helps Stop its Spread! It grows rapidly in late summer; largest patches are at boat launches.

Thanks for your continued support,