Shoreline Assessment Summary Report

Love Your Lake (LYL) is a shoreline assessment and stewardship program developed by the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF). Long Lake Stewardship partnered with the City of Greater Sudbury to participate over two years. Phase 1 occurred in 2017 and included 335 properties from the eastern end of the lake to properties in the area of South Shore Road. Phase 2 occurred in 2018 and included 165 properties from South Shore Road to those within the western boundary of CGS. Individual property owners voluntarily signed up to receive personalized, confidential shoreline reports.

To encourage and guide stewardship efforts, the LYL team also created a lake-wide report giving an overview of the health of the Long Lake shoreline. This 17-page full report is now available.

The LLSC has condensed this report into a one-page summary.

Note that the LYL official report represents the portion of our lake that is within city limits, approximately 75% of the lake — the more developed part. The 25% that was not assessed has much more natural shoreline.