Wake Boating in Long Lake

Wake boating


Wake boats have large cavities that fill with water to create a heavy back end and a deep trench. This

generates waves steep enough to mimic the experience of surfing on ocean waves.

There is both a need to accept this new activity on the lake, and for wake boaters to commit to operating

in a safe, responsible way that respects lake residents and the environment. These need not be in


From the perspective of wake boaters:

  • Wake boating is a legal water sport

  • It is fun and exciting

  • Considerable expense was involved to purchase the specialized boat

From the perspective of the environment:

  • The large wake can destroy wildlife habitat, especially waterfowl nests

  • Siltation from excessive erosion can smother fish spawning areas

  • Shoreline erosion is a significant concern, particularly as Long Lake is narrow and its shoreline has had a high percentage of its natural vegetation removed

From the perspective of other lake users, the large wake:

  • Can rock docks and damage moorings

  • Frighten or endanger swimmers

  • Be very difficult to navigate for paddle boarders, canoeists, kayakers and those in small boats

The Greater Sudbury Regional Police (GSRP) advises that this is primarily an ethics issue. They and we

encourage wake boaters to follow an ethics code:

✓use wider sections of the lake; avoid any of the narrows

✓ avoid boating in the same area as another wake boat

✓ avoid repetitive passes in front of same properties

✓ if music is involved, keep the music volume at a reasonable level.

One important law all Ontario boaters must follow is the 30-10 rule, i.e. the maximum speed within 30

meters of a shoreline is 10 km/hr. Our LLS Committee has no authority to enforce boating laws.

Boating suspected as dangerous or unlawful should be reported to the GSRP at 705 675-9171 or

https://reporting.gsps.ca/ with a description of the boat, and where possible, a photograph.

Long Lake Stewardship hopes that all boaters can enjoy using the lake that we all share and love.

Long Lake . . . ours to love . . . ours to protect!

Long Lake Stewardship Committee 2022